Let us show you how to lower your blood sugar, choose the best foods, and eat super tasty meals you'll love!

Join the T2 Diabetes Low Carb Diet Program

Inside this 30 Day Nutritionist Designed program, you'll find easy to understand information and practical every day steps to get great results


Regular potato salad is 25 g carbs minimum. Our salad just 9 g net carbs per serve.


Regular burger 34.6 g carbs. Our burger with 3-minute bun just 10 g net carbs.


Regular beef goulash and rice 70+ g carbs! Our recipe just 9 g net carbs.


Regular sandwich approximately 39 g carbs. Our sandwich just 3 g carbs.

Our easy to follow recipes show you how to slash carbs and create balanced meals for better health

We understand that having to constantly think about carbs is a stress and a chore. That's why our job is to take regular meals, and reinvent them with a slashed carb count so you can thoroughly enjoy what you eat.

In this 30 Day Program, we give you easy to understand nutrition info so you can end the confusion about what to eat. We provide evidence based health tips so you know what works to manage diabetes.

And most importantly, we've got loads of healthy food ideas, options, and alternatives so you can make the right choices in future, eat well, and feel your best every day.

Let us do the work...you relax and enjoy your meals!

Struggling to know what to eat on a diabetic diet?
Been told not to eat pasta, rice & potatoes and don't know where to start?

Newly diagnosed and panicing about carbs or food choices?

We understand and we're here to help end the confusion. By the time you finish this program you'll feel confident about what you're eating.

*We've got everything you need in the one place to save you time trapsing the internet for hours.

*We include practical everday tips that you can put into action and start getting results right away.

*There's LOADS of food ideas, tips, and tricks so you'll have plenty of options and alternatives to make the right choices and eat better every day.

*We've got food that is easy to make so you can save time & have fun in the kitchen - we help you step-by-step with all our special tips and tricks.

By the time youre done, you'll be whipping up a storm of deliciously tasty low carb meals you'll love!

Loads Of Food Ideas & Options To Help You Eat Tasty Meals Every Day

Here's what we cover in the 30 Day Program:

In just 30 Days you'll feel confident about what to eat to feel your best and be eating super healthy meals you'll love

How The Program Works: We'll send you a new session link every day, all you have to do is click on the link to read the info, try the delicious meals, eating tips, or recipes.

And if you get stuck along the way, just leave your comments and questions, we're here to provide support, encouragement and motivation the whole way!

Ready To Begin?


I'm a newly diagnosed diabetic, can this help me figure out what to eat?

Yes, this program is great for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetics, or people who have had type 2 diabetes for some time but need to work on lowering blood sugar and A1C with a better diet and food habits.

We know the whole diet thing can be confusing and overwhelming so we walk you through day by day from start to finish so you'll know what normal blood sugar levels are, what influences blood sugar the most, all the different types of carbs so you're not confused, and the best types of carbs, proteins, and fats to focus on eating.

We also lay out lots of options for swapping and exchanging foods for lower carb options so you can feel confident making the right choices. And we give you loads of easy delicious recipes and alternatives to try along the way.

Our primary focus is to show you how to eat a healthy low carb diabetic diet because research shows that this type of diet works best for lowering blood sugar, A1C, and can even reduce or prevent the need for medications.

You don't have to be a great cook because our meals are easy and simple. And we've got lots of time saving tips and tricks for you too.

Our goal is to help you feel confident with what you're eating, show you how to choose the best options for you. But most of all, we want to inspire you to have fun in the kitchen cooking your own healthy delicious creations.

By the end of the 30 Days you'll be eating super tasty meals you'll love, and you'll also enjoy making them too!

When following any diet or lifestyle program it's always recommended that you get the advice and support of your doctor and current health professionals, as the information contained in this program is for general use only and should not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


Will I be able to read the recipe ingredients in my format?

Yes. All our recipes contain both Metric (mls & g) and Imperial (lbs & oz) settings, so it doesn't matter where you live in the world, we cater for you.

We also try to keep things as simple as possible, so most of the recipe ingredients can be purchased from your local supermarket.

And to help you learn and understand better, all our recipes and menus contain full nutrition details, carb counts, and net carbs so you can effortlessly count carbs and calories.

You'll also get a fully designed 7 day meal plan to help you get started and you'll be able to see how our interactive meal plans work - you can even go shopping with your smart phone using our automated shopping list generator.

We're all about making things easy and fun so you can just enjoy your eating!


Is this an online course?

Yes. All our menus, meal plans, and programs are digital online format. This makes it easy for you to access the content in your own time and enjoy it at your own pace.

When you buy this 30 Day Program, you will be redirected to register at our private Members Club Site where you can immediately access the 'Welcome Session'. After that, we'll send you an email every single day for the next 30 days, you login, and enjoy the 'session'.

If you have questions or need help along the way, just leave your comments or questions at the end of any session and Jedha (Nutritionist) or Beth (Dietitian) will be more than happy to answer them.

Even though this program is online, we want to provide support, encouragement, and motivation as much as we can, so just shout out if you need a hand.


Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with my purchase?

No. Unfortunately we DO NOT provide refunds. Once you purchase any product or package from us, no refund is possible because you get access to all the material as soon as you checkout. Please make sure to ask us questions so you make the right purchase decision.

If I buy this program can I upgrade to a VIP Membership later?

Yes. You can purchase any of our other meal plans and menus separately, or you can upgrade to a VIP Club Membership at any time.