Decadent Desserts Menu

Easy Delicious Low Carb Diabetic Desserts
 So you can have your cake and enjoy it too!

A collection of 15 easy to make, AMAZINGLY Decadent Diabetic Desserts, helpful nutrition info, and cooking/ kitchen tips.

ALL under 10 g net carbs so you can thoroughly enjoy your treats & keep blood sugar and A1C low at the same time!

Specifically Designed to be 100% Low Carb Diabetic Friendly

You won't find desserts with 40-50 g per serve - no way!

We're all about taking care of you here so we don't use white flour, sugars, or artificial products because we know they can lead to blood sugar highs - we create the best food, so you can feel your best!

*All our desserts are under 10 g net carbs - so you can relax and thoroughly enjoy your sweet treats!

*Healthy whole food ingredients to energize and nourish your body.

*Easy to make so you save time & have fun in the kitchen - we help you step-by-step with all our special tips and tricks.

*Sugar free low carb ingredients so you can thoroughly enjoy your desserts guilt free.

*Helpful nutrition info so can feel confident about the right choices in the future.

*Most can be made in 15 minutes or less. You'll be surprised at how simple they are to whip up!

    More Than Just A Menu!
         Gain access to our cooking/ kitchen    
                       tips & nutrition info

Not great at cooking?

We've got you covered with our collection of cooking and kitchen tips that match this dessert menu. That way you can improve your cooking skills and impress your family and friends with your amazing dessert creations.

Wondering what ingredients are best?

Just explore our handy tips and we'll point out your options so you can trust what you eat is the right choice for you.

Got a few nutrition questions?

We've got a collection of helpful info to match the desserts menu so you can learn to control and manage your blood sugar and A1C long term.


Does the menu contain nutrition data?

Yes. All our recipes and menus contain full nutrition details and net carbs so you can effortlessly count carbs and calories.

Will I be able to read the recipe ingredients in my format?

Yes. All our recipes contain both Metric (g & mls) and Imperial (oz & mls) settings, so it doesn't matter where you live in the world, we cater for you.

And, most of the menu ingredients can be purchased from your local supermarket.

Is this an online menu?

Yes. All our menus, meal plans, and programs are digital online format.

When you buy this menu, you will be redirected to register at our private Members Club site where you can immediately access the menu and the information it contains.

You can print our individual recipes as you want to use them, or download the entire eBook version of teh Decadent Desserts Menu. If you want to cook a few of these desserts at a time, add them to your menu and generate an automatic shopping list.

Then use our cooking tips and tricks to help you come up with your sweet masterpieces!


Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with my purchase?

No. Unfortunately we DO NOT provide refunds. Once you purchase any product or package from us, no refund is possible because you get access to all the material as soon as you checkout. Please make sure to ask us questions so you make the right purchase decision.